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Trying to Decide Between Stamped Concrete Or Pavers?

This quick video will show you how easy and cost effective stamped concrete is over driveway pavers.

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Stamped Concrete

A stamped concrete driveway gives your home an impressive entrance and upgrades your overall home design at the same time. With our various stamp patterns and integral coloring processes, we can replicate popular, expensive materials, such as brick, cobblestone, and natural slate.

Benefits of Stamped Concrete

Stone tiles are a popular choice for any homeowner looking to improve the appearance of their driveway, but the price tag can be a big setback. With stamped concrete, you can get the same look and feel of stone, brick, slate, and other materials, without breaking the bank.

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Why Choose Singer Construction

Craftsmanship is the name of the game. We’re not here to just give you any floor. Our goal is to give you a true piece of art and design that feels just as good as it looks.

Are you looking for stamped concrete in Orange County, CA? Do you need a concrete contractor to pour your driveway? No problem!

We are the Orange County’s premier stamped concrete contractor. We specialize in stamped concrete, concrete driveways, and concrete patios. We work in Huntington Beach and all surrounding areas. Our knowledgeable staff is licensed and insured and here to help. We have decades of experience pouring concrete. Stamped Concrete turns plain old cement into beautiful concrete decor.

It’s undeniable that there are several building products out there that are beautiful. There’s pavers, stone, brick, or slate to name a few. The great thing about stamped concrete is that we can achieve the look and feel of any of these products. Even better, stamped concrete has the low maintenance and long lifespan of standard concrete. People in Orange County know us as Huntington Beach’s premier concrete stamping contractor. Our team has decades of experience in stamping concrete.

We know how popular Stamped concrete is. Our homeowners and business owners understand the value in decorative concrete. Stamped concrete is so popular because of that value. It is much more affordable than competing products like stone, pavers, or brick.

When you make the decision to build or rebuild your patio, sidewalk, or driveway, think about stamped concrete.  This product is visually appealing and extremely durable.  It has become very popular in Houston.  Stamped concrete looks and feels like high-end products like natural stone or pavers but doesn’t carry their pricetag.  The affordability makes it more attractive because the savings can go towards your next outdoor project.


Singer Construction wants to give you the home of your dreams.
We have the experience and knowledge to get the job done properly and completely to code. We carry specialty finishes that utilizing the use of colors and exposed aggregate finishes.
We offer removal of existing concrete with saw cutting and jackhammers. We possess a diligent and tireless work ethic to ensure your next construction project far exceeds your expectations.

Exceptional Concrete Driveways & Concrete Services

Get the results that you deserve when you ask for help from a top Huntington Beach, CA concrete contractor. Singer Construction Concrete Driveways can visit your location and offer a free estimate about your remodeling plans or driveway repair.

Our punctual and professional team will deliver a quote covering everything required to deliver your project on time and on budget. We offer fast help with permit approvals, and we handle all the fees.

  • Break out and haul away existing concrete
  • Shoot elevations for proper drainage
  • Frame out the entire area using highest quality materials
  • Treated wood or redwood expansion joint depending on your municipality.
  • Rebar reinforcement ( spacing and size according to customers municipality.
  • We pour 2500 PSI concrete with a 5 1/2 sack mix 4 inches thick on driveways, sidewalks, patios, and 6 inches thick on approaches. All work done to city code.
  • We brush and picture frame each section at no charge.
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Looking for a reliable concrete contractor isn’t actually an easy task. There are a lot of factors to consider, including quality of work and experience. Before hiring one, it’s necessary that you ask the right questions to hit the mark.

Is your concrete contractor experienced? Generally, look for contractors that have more than 5 years of experience as they have adequate knowledge and skills to deliver excellent service.

Does your concrete contractor have a great website? Think about it this way, business owners that invest in themselves and value their business will treat your property with respect.

Upfront pricing – Honesty is an essential element in any client-service provider relationship. To ensure trustworthiness, a reliable concrete contractor will provide free estimates. You should also know what the coverage of the pricing is.

Insurance coverage – Professional concrete contractors should have business insurance.  It’s for the protection of both the client and the business itself.
As a concrete contractor with more than a decade of experience in the industry, Houston Stamped Concrete takes pride in our superior workmanship, friendly team members, and long list of satisfied clienteles who can attest to our reliability as a service provider.

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Concrete Driveways, Slabs, Patios

Singer Construction has the training, the experience, and the equipment required to make short work of jobs like:

Why Choose Singer Construction


We have a proven record of accomplishment and are a reputable company in the United States. We ensure that all projects are done with utmost professionalism using quality materials while offering clients the support and accessibility.


For us, honesty is the only policy and we strive to complete all projects with integrity, not just with our clients, but also our suppliers and contractors. With thousands of successful projects under our belt, we are one of the most trusted construction companies in Houston.


We commit ourselves to complete all projects within the timeline set with our clients. We use the best of technology and tools to ensure that all jobs are done quickly but also giving attention to details and ensuring everything is done correctly.

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